Tips for First Time Home Sellers to Sell House Fast in Charlotte

Tips for First Time Home Sellers

Being one of the most populous cities in North Carolina, Charlotte is indeed bustling with several types of properties, be it commercial or residential. So, when it comes to selling a house located in this city, the process becomes a bit more challenging for homeowners.

On the top of that, if you are thinking to sell house for cash for the first time, you may even lag behind a bit regarding precise techniques and tricks. Whether you are moving out of the city or contemplating to purchase a new house, you must keep in mind that selling the existing one will take more time and efforts than buying a new one.

So, just to help you a bit with the entire procedure of selling a house, here are some tips that might turn out to be advantageous for newbie sellers.

Make a Plan

Generally, first-time buyers get their feet into the selling market in hope to make better off their ROI. If you are from the same lot, then you’d need a befitting plan to set your priorities and to prevent unnecessary confusion and headache all throughout the selling process.

While creating a plan, there are some specific points that you should keep in mind, such as:

  • A clear reason behind the purpose of selling the house
  • Proper knowledge of the entire process
  • Make your priorities clear, whether it is profit or quick selling
  • Time for home listing
  • A rough estimation of the selling cost
  • Preparation for a home showing

Price Your Home Right

While you may want to sell house fast, one of the primary reasons why it doesn’t happen accordingly is because of the pricing factor. When selling the home for the first time, you’d obviously face this problem. There would be several reasons that may lead to the incorrect pricing of a home.

Initially, you may not even have a clue regarding the working methodology of the listing price in the real estate domain. Since there are several ways in which listings may work, you can start by conducting a comparative market analysis.

In this analysis, you can review local homes that are up for sale. You can even check out homes in your neighbor, their pricing, and how the past listing worked. Not just the overall cost of your house, you can even inculcate extra expenses, such as realtor commission fees, seller concessions, touch-ups or repairing expense, closing costs, housing overlap costs, etc.

Choose Right Time

Another important factor that you should adhere to is the proper timing. Not listing your house during an accurate time period may result in an unwanted outcome. Usually, the real estate market tends to be active during the summer or late spring time.

However, the situation might be different in your region. It entirely depends on your community, the time of the year, weather, and several other factors. Therefore, it is quite important to conduct proper research on the perfect timing when the houses in your locality are selling the most.

It will surely give you an edge and will help you sell your home quicker. Also, you must keep in mind that the prices tend to rise or fall mainly because of the demand pattern. So, if there isn’t enough demand and you urgently need to sell your house, you may end up giving it for far less price. Hence, keep the timing factor in mind.

Prepare your home for sell

One of the most common mistakes committed by almost every new house seller is not having adequate information on how to prepare the house for the real estate market. On the top of that, they don’t even realize the importance for the same and end up facing rejections by the buyers.

To sell the house quickly, you must make sure that it is adequate to put on display. So, before you list the house, ensure that you’ve got the proper home inspection done. Know that if you don’t conduct a home inspection, your buyers may do that. And, upon discovering unknown faults or problems, they may cut down the price or refuse to buy the house altogether.

For preparing your house, you may consider:

  • House painting
  • Professional services for home cleaning
  • Replacement of outdated fixtures
  • Replacement of outdated cabinets or hardware

Hire a Professional Photographer

When it comes to photography of your home, professionalism doesn’t mean a real estate agent is stepping in and clicking your property with an iPhone.

If you consider well-known real estate agents in Charlotte, they will tell you how they hire professional photographers to get the best result. One of the significant reasons behind this is that when you list your home with professional photographs, it tends to sell faster and at a higher price.

So, regardless of the price of your home, applying this idea will help you sell your home with ease.

Be Ready for Home Showing

Another significant factor that will let you sell house fast for cash is allowing buyers step into your abode and let them scrutinize on their own. Of course, since you are selling your house for the first time, letting them inside might become a bit burdening.

After all, you wouldn’t have thought of letting strangers have a tour of your house and checking every nook and corner, until you decided to put it up on the listing, right? In such a situation, you may flee off and let the prospective buyer check your house with an agent.

In this way, there wouldn’t be any sort of embarrassment or noises all around. Your visitors would be able to check your house in peace. Furthermore, you must also keep your house up-to-the-mark to leave a great impression on buyers. For that, you can:

  • Decorate a sitting area with silk or velvet wraps
  • Keep your carpets vacuumed
  • Keep the curb appeal intact

Accepting Offers

Whether you are familiar with the hurdles of selling a house or not, you must have dreamed about having a huge line of buyers outside the house, ready to bid higher for your home. While it is true that you are going to get several offers, you must know that every other one wouldn’t be an acceptable one.

Several factors would determine whether an offer is acceptable or not, such as:

  • Whether the offer is near or above the asking price or not?
  • Are there any additional costs involved?
  • Is there any alternative to the offer?
  • Do you have enough time to wait for better and other offers?
  • What if you are not getting other offers?
  • What if you are getting many offers of the same value?

So, make sure that you are assessing every factor before finalizing an offer.

Closing Time

At the end of the day, even though everything may seem to be going well, closing a deal might still turn out to be a difficult task. As a first-time seller, you’d be exposed to several types of expenses. Right from brokerage fees to instrument survey cost, transfer taxes, re-dating of an abstract, and much more will be falling into your pocket.

So, whenever you think that you are ready to close the deal, it is recommended to keep this extra balance in hand. Therefore, whenever you’d receive the final offer, you would be able to assess the cost that you’d have to pay.


Undoubtedly, you are thinking to buy houses fast for cash or sell house fast, both the procedures can be extremely daunting and stressful. Unless you have an experienced agent by your side, selling the house wouldn’t be smooth sailing. In such a scenario, you would have to prepare for this journey on your own.

To make things easier, not just you can use these above-mentioned tips & tricks but should also make your mind strong enough to face every sort of challenge with ease.

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