Sell Your House Fast for Cash Ultimate Checklist

Whenever the point comes to sell or buy houses fast for cash, there is no denying the fact, that a lot of stressful, or maybe, exciting preparation goes into a listing or assessing the house. Talking about selling it, you surely cannot neglect the advance groundwork before you put your house on display, right?

Sell Your House Fast - Ultimate Checklist

The list of groundwork may include anything and everything, such as slight touch-ups, attractive painting, and much more. These are the things that may bring cinching deals to you.

So, if you are totally clueless about how the entire system works, here is an ultimate checklist that will surely help you to sell house fast for cash.

1.  Focus on curb appeal

When you think about selling your house without facing any extreme hassles, you must ensure perfection all around. Beginning with the curb appeal, ensure that you have kept your lawn trimmed and hedges neat.

Also, if you want to go a step forward, you can even contemplate of spreading colors all around by making an addition of flowerbeds. Think of the mailbox, if it is poor in condition or entirely damaged, you can replace it.

You may even think about replacing the front door to attract your visitors. If you are short of budget, you can even paint the existing one to make it look new and appealing. Other things that you can consider include:

  • Keeping the driveway & walkway clean
  • Keeping font pillars, porch, doors & stairs clean
  • Making sure that the exterior lights are well in condition
  • Cleaning screens and windows

2. Clean and Declutter

Once you’ve made sure that your exteriors are looking appealing and just perfect, it won’t take long before people will start getting inclined toward it. And, now that they’ve been pleased with the outer beauty, they would surely want to barge in and assess the insides.

Hence, to ensure that you get to sell house quickly, you must clean and declutter every possible area of the interiors. Dust fan blades and the fireplace top to make it look clean. Don’t forget to clean windows, faucets, and appliances to provide them a polished look.

After that, move toward the closed doors and organize your drawers, closets, and cupboards. Don’t underestimate the piercing eyes of buyers. They are definitely going to look at each aspect cautiously. Don’t make them feel that your house doesn’t have enough space and that’s the reason your stuff is overflowing. This might be a major turn-off for them.

3. Depersonalize your space

Moving ahead, depersonalizing the house is one of the most considerable steps when you are about to list your house for selling it. It’s a step to allow your prospective buyers to step in and imagine themselves residing in the house.

Since you are willing to sell your house, it would be imperative to let go of the personal stamp that you must have placed on your abode. Be it the presence of your taste in the house or it is about the style that you have integrated, although they are important, they shouldn’t be loitering around.

Since your objective is to make your buyers feel that your home can easily become theirs, you must make them look past your impressions. Take away personal items, family photographs, artwork, and even furniture, if possible.

4. Remove Smells

The bad and foul smell can be an extensive deal breaker. And, do you know what’s the problem with that? You may not even notice why the buyer simply called off the idea of purchasing your house. Since you’d be on a run to sell house fast, you may not pay enough attention to such details.

Before you agree to welcome a buyer for a walk-in tour, you must ensure that there is no bad odor, either coming out of dustbin or from your pet, lingering around the house. Also, ensure that your kitchen isn’t smelly as well.

Although, sometimes, it may become a bit difficult to differentiate between good and bad smell of your house. In such a scenario, you can invite a third-party person to assess your house for an unpleasant odor.

If they think that the smell is persuasive enough, you may have to indulge yourself in deep cleaning. You can consider placing candles with mesmerizing odor, spray deodorant or room freshener all around to provide a good appeal.

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5. Repaint the walls

As much as you may love the bold and dramatic colors all around the house, chances are, not every person would be looking for the same kind of taste. There are certain types of colors that may turn off a majority of buyers.

Therefore, if you think that your taste in colors has always been different than what is considered normal, maybe it’s the time to repaint the house with neutral colors, like whites and tans. It will help your buyers focus more on the space and not on the bold walls of the house.

When it comes to neutral colors, you are quite safe. Obviously, it’s very rare that you may come across someone who wouldn’t like such light colors. However, the same thing cannot be said for the bold and vivacious colors. Hence, consider repainting if you want to sell the house for cash and not merely entertain visitors.

6. Make updates and repairs

Moving forward, another thing that you must keep in mind is an evaluation of the entire structure of the house. It will help you prevent buyers pointing out to issues in your house to you, which, in a way, can be very embarrassing.

Right from the beginning to the end, assess the entire house and take care of each and every problem that you come across, be it leaked pipes, cracking windows, loose handles, missing bulbs, or any other thing. Make sure that you are touching up walls, baseboards, and doors to make the house sparkle.

Also, if you think that you are short of time, you can even hire people just to evaluate each and every corner of your house cautiously so that nothing is left untouched.

7. Go for a professional photo shoot

If there are any chances that you are going to put your house online for selling, you must make the entire deal look professional and enticing. Since most of the buyers are going to check your house online, make sure that their first impression is going to be amazing.

Most of the times, people think that conducting professional photography is only for houses that cost more than millions. Professional Home Inspection can work a lot for you along with this. However, that’s not quite true. Even if your house has a smaller value, you can still go for a photo shoot to make everything look beautiful and professional.

For this, you can hire professional photographers who would click HD pictures of your house from different angles. Listing attractive pictures will not only determine the cost of your house but even help you sell it faster.

8. Set a Price

Last but not the least, to sell the house for cash, you must be wary of the price of your house. Even though you are going to list your house, you must keep in mind that there are always going to be houses better and inexpensive than yours on the same list.

Hence, expecting a higher price may end up giving you nothing. Therefore, before you do anything, conduct a thorough research on your area. For this aspect, don’t just rely on a real estate agent. If you are taking things at your hand, you might be able to get good returns.

Know about your area and check the prevalent prices. And then, find out houses available in your area that are also ready to be sold. Find out prices that their owners are asking and on what conditions.

Once you have collected all of this data, it will be way easier for you to set a reasonable price for your house that would neither keep you at a loss nor would cost a bomb to the buyer.


While most of the people may not pay heed to this checklist, it is just to ensure that your house remains on the top priority of buyers. Surely, cleaning, painting, and repairing will take time. However, at the end of the day, everything is just worth it.

Now that you sort of know how to prepare for your house selling procedure, make sure you aren’t letting anything go away from your hands. Apart from all of these essential points, put up common sense and see what would be imperative to make your house sell fast for cash.

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