Who will buy my house in Charlotte?  How do I sell my house in Charlotte fast for cash?   If these are questions that trouble you, stop worrying for we buy houses in Charlotte NC. Whether you have homes, condos, townhouses, multi-tenant buildings, or duplexes that you want to sell fast for cash, we at Charlotte Investment Houses are there to help. Since we buy houses Charlotte in their as-is condition, you no longer need to worry about painting, repairing or cleaning your home before selling it. With our fast closing, fair prices and an efficient process, we ensure to bring quick cash in your hands.


Your House! Your Time Limit! Cash in Your Hands!

With our free, no obligation cash offers, we can take your house off your hands and let you breathe easy. Whether you just want to get your ugly, dilapidated house in Charlotte off your hands, or need to sell your Charlotte house that has repair issues or structural problems for fast cash, you can count on us. We buy houses in Charlotte NC at fair prices and offer you a fast, hassle-free and efficient home selling option that meets your personal requirements. If you have time restraints, we can even meet them and get the closing done within your desired time frame. At times, we have even established a closing in as less as 5 days to help our clients receive fast cash with utmost convenience and get on with their life.

We buy houses in Charlotte driven by various reasons. Let’s share some key ones here.

Reasons we buy used homes in Charlotte

Reason 1: Library System

Those looking for a range of library services in the Charlotte region often find the ideal solution in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. Citizens of this region can make the most of this public library that boasts of an extensive and convenient system including library cards (that are good in all branch locations) and free Wi-Fi. If you are wondering “who will buy my house in Charlotte?”, those looking for a library with a range of services as well as extensive programs, materials and meeting rooms can be the ideal buyers. Targeting these buyers is one of the key reasons why we buy houses in Charlotte NC.

Reason 2: Feel All Seasons

Charlotte lets its homeowners experience every season a little differently and even the transition period during each change of season is a sight to behold. So, when you experience spring or fall, you won’t have any complaints to make.

Reason 3: Safe and Clean

Downtown Charlotte (usually called “uptown” by the residents) is very safe and clean. Though it had few shopping options and grocery stores earlier (which used to shut right after work hours ended), the situation has changed for the better now with the opening of several new restaurants together with the construction of new parks and condos.

Reason 4: Close to Beach & Mountains

From Charlotte, you can reach the North Carolina Mountains easily by driving for just 2 hours. Even the coast is only 3-3.5 hours’ drive away. So, whether you want nearby weekend getaways, or the flexibility of making day trips to the beach and the mountains, you can do that from your Charlotte home. Those thinking “how to sell my house in Charlotte” can take heart from these facts, which are one of the key reasons why we buy houses in Charlotte NC.

Reason 5: Cultural City

If you love arts in all forms, Charlotte is the place to be. You can take a peek into the world’s wonders and Charlotte’s spirit at its museums – the Mint Museum Uptown, the Carolinas Aviation Museum, the Billy Graham Library, Discovery Place Nature, the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, the Historic Rosedale Plantation, The Light Factory and the NASCAR Hall of Fame, which are just to name a few. The city lets you experience ballet, opera, theater, architecture, cultural festivals, fine art and much more. Be it enjoying the latest Broadway smash hits at the NC Blumenthal Performing Arts Center or soaking the sounds of jazz coming out from the roadside martini bar, this city’s sophistication lies in its variety.

Reason 6: Young City

Charlotte is a land of opportunities that’s quite welcoming to the newcomers. The region has many young families and young professionals and you will hardly find someone who was born and raised here since a majority of the residents come from outside. With friendly people and a thriving job market, this place is where many want to move in. No wonder this is good news for those worrying about “who will buy my house in Charlotte?”

Reason 7: Affordable Housing

Homes in Charlotte are fast becoming affordable for the working-class families. For lower-income people looking for homes in a desirable region, Charlotte now sits high on their priority lists. This is yet another reason why we buy houses in Charlotte NC and put them back on the market again to help those planning to move here and buy affordable homes.

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Why to sell your home to us?

This is a good time to sell your home to Charlotte Investment Houses. If you are still in a dilemma, here are some reasons why selling your home to us would be a wise move:

We Buy House In Any Condition

Whether your house is in a bad state of repairs, has structural or plumbing issues, is dirty, or has tenants, you no longer have to bear the burden of that unwanted property or spend money cleaning, repairing or fixing its flaws. From homes that have been damaged by fire or vandalized, to the ones with mold issues, code violations, foundation/electrical/plumbing problems and/or structural/roofing issues, affected by pest or termite infestations, we can buy them in any and all conditions. We buy houses in Charlotte NC on their as-is basis, thus taking the burden off your shoulder fast.

We Make Deals Fast

We buy houses in Charlotte NC by giving you fair price offers. Once you submit your short property details using our online form, we send you our offer within 24 hours. In case you decide to go ahead with our offer, we can close fast and get a check in your hands within just 5 days.

We Buy At Any Price Range

Since it’s our own cash that we use to buy Charlotte houses, we can match any price range.  Be it lavish homes, condos, or dilapidated houses – whatever be the price you are seeking, you will hardly get a better offer than from us.

We Buy Maximum Property Types

We buy houses in Charlotte NC belonging to a wide variety – from condos and single family houses, patio homes, town houses and lofts to multi-family properties like triplexes, duplexes, and even fourplexes.

We Buy Properties In Foreclosure

If your house is in bankruptcy or in foreclosure, we can buy it. No matter what your present financial condition is, you can trust us to get a check in your hands fast to let your problem go away. In case you have reached a point where you can no longer take the stress of fighting with the lenders or banks, or have no way out to pay those monthly mortgages, reach out to us and we will help.

No Commission Or Fees

We buy houses in Charlotte without charging the homeowners any fees or commission. We just want to help the home owners find a fast and effective solution to get the property off their hands. By helping them get a check or cash for their property, we thus bring a complete win-win solution for the homeowners.

We Give Cash Offer

Once we get your property information, we will take stock of things, and perhaps call you to know some more about the property. Then, we will make you an all-cash, fair, no-obligation offer.  If you decide to sell you property to us, we will proceed from there and close the deal as soon as possible. In some cases, we can even get a check in your hands within just 5 days. If you decide not to sell your house to us, we will respect your decision and won’t pressurize or harass you – it’s completely your decision and you will get to decide what’s ideal for you.

So, stop worrying about “how do I sell my house in Charlotte” and simply contact us at Charlotte Investment Houses to experience a smooth, fast and efficient process of selling your house for a fair price.

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