Benefits of working with an Investor Versus listing with an Agent

Every industry has its fair share of good and bad elements and real estate industry is no different. There are different options available when it comes to selling your house but all of them may not be ideal with respect to your situation and your requirement. Home sellers often don’t like to deal with real estate agents and that’s driven by some pretty good reasons. Selling your house is perhaps one of the biggest deals you make in your life and this deal can easily go sour due to the incompetence of real estate agents. However, in any circumstances, working with a real estate investor should be your preferred option. If you’re still in a dilemma about selling your house, here’re the key advantages of working with an investor over agents.

Best Option to Get Immediate Offers

Do you want your house to stay listed for several weeks or even months? Obviously not and that’s the key benefit of working with an investor or an investing company. Unlike agents, when you get in touch with an investor, you are most likely to get attractive offers for your home within 24 hours. They’ll visit your house, assess its condition and put their best offer in front of you. This is simply unthinkable if you contact a real estate agent for closing the deal fast.

Immediate Cash Availability

Every home seller wants to close a deal on time and have immediate cash. This is another major benefit of working with an investor or investing company. You’ll get cash in hand right away on the day of closing. On the contrary, real estate agents usually don’t have that much of cash-in-hand and often keep you waiting for weeks because of various reasons. They’ll arrange the amount through financing from banks or other institutions that involve time-consuming, complicated processes.

Cost Saving

As a rule of thumb, when you plan to sell your house through a real estate agent, you’ll have to pay a hefty amount as commission. This can easily become an additional burden for you. On the other hand, when you contact an investor, they’ll simply visit your house, thoroughly examine it and provide you with their best offer. In addition, they’ll stick to the offer and pay the same amount at the date of closing. So, there’ll be no hidden charges or additional costs.

Avoid Repairs

As discussed earlier, there are various options through which you can sell your house. If you plan to sell it directly to a buyer or through an agent, you’ll have to perform the necessary repairs beforehand. And most of the times, this becomes a big headache for home sellers. Selling your home to an investor doesn’t involve doing any upgrades, cleaning or repairs. You can sell your home in “as is” condition. Once an investor is done with the examining process, they’ll make you an offer after adjusting the cost of repairs.

Can Solve Foreclosure Issue

Foreclosure has become quite an issue now. Beware of Foreclosure Scams happening nowadays in and around Charlotte. You may have stopped making payments for different reasons like quitting your job, medical conditions and divorce, amongst others, but that doesn’t mean you’ve to experience hard times. Selling your home to a real estate investor must be your ideal choice if you want to avoid foreclosure. Due to the speedy nature of such a selling process, foreclosures can be avoided in most cases. On the other hand, selling it through traditional real estate agents will take months and you will end up facing foreclosure issues.

Saving in Commission/Fees

If you sell your house directly to an investor, you can easily save a hefty amount of money, which you would have otherwise paid as commission or fees to a real estate agent. As a matter of fact, agents nowadays charge a significant amount (usually 6% of the selling price), which, most of the times, becomes a lot to bear for home sellers. So, if you want to save your hard-earned money while having a smooth and profitable deal, you shouldn’t look any further than contacting a real estate investor or investing company.

Saving in Time

Selling your home through an agent can take several months or even a year based on your property’s locality and present market conditions. When things get delayed, it directly impacts the costs that include months of mortgage payments, insurance, HOA fees, property taxes and utility bills, amongst others. On the contrary, when you sell your house to an investor, you’ll be able to close the deal within quite a short period and steer clear of these additional costs and time that you may need to spend otherwise.

Investors Can Buy Anywhere, Anytime

One of the key advantages of working with real estate investors is that they can buy your house anytime and regardless of your locality. They’re trained to close a deal only when it makes sense. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the cold of winter, heat of summer or any special occasion. If they find the deal suitable and one that matches their requirements, they’ll make you an offer on the spot. On the other hand, if you sell it through an agent, various factors such as current market conditions, time of the year, festival seasons etc. will come into the picture and things are likely to get delayed.

Investors Can Buy in the Worst Real Estate Markets

This is one of the amazing benefits of working with real estate investors. Simply give this a thought – real estate market is actually down and traditional home buyers are scared enough; yet, investors want to buy your house! When home sellers, with agents by their side, have their homes sitting on the market for several months or even a year, investors are the ones who would want to buy! As a matter of fact, for real estate investors, the ideal time to buy a house is when the market is actually at its worst.

Investors Usually Make Multiple Transactions

Real estate investors or investing companies buy houses for different reasons. Some investors purchase a house and flip it while some others buy and hold properties for generating rental income. The common thing for both the cases is that the investors have adequate cash flow with them because they usually buy multiple properties during the course of closing your deal. In contrast, real estate agents don’t have such cash flow and fail to close a deal on-time and in a profitable manner.

Investors are Convenient according to your Time & Place

In today’s competitive real estate market, most real estate agents often jump through the hoops to obtain business. Sometimes, this causes actual problems like you may be at your workplace or the visiting time simply isn’t convenient to you. When you contact an investing company or investor for selling your house, they’ll work closely with you to fix a visit in line with your convenient time and place. Thus, you can be rest assured of dealing with no more untimely or inconvenient visits.

Investors Have Good Communication

Prompt communication is another major benefit of working with an investor. Though it’s understandable that an agent can be busy in buyer showings, presentations or back-to-back meetings, which may need his complete attention, there’s actually no significant reason behind their highly delayed response or, at the worst, no response at all. A study revealed that the average response time of an agent is more than 15 hours! On the other hand, an investor will always respond to your texts or calls in a professional, timely manner.

Investors Give Good Respect

To get business in a short time, majority of the real estate agents often perform critical tasks such as presentations, buyer showings etc in a hurry. This could often lead to something like your agent failing to pay proper attention to what you’re trying to get in the deal. At times, they may even not bother to inform if they’re going to be late for the showings or a meeting with prospective buyers. This lack of punctuality is a major drawback on part of the agents. In case of investors, you don’t even need to think of being disrespected like that.

Investors Maintain Transparency

Transparency is something that clearly sets apart the investors from the agents. For instance, when you’re trying to sell your house through an agent, you’ll most likely come across exaggerated things like – best in the area, most sales this year, significant years of experience etc. But in reality, your agent may have started working in the real estate field only 6 months ago. To attain marketing results and close deals fast, these agents often tend to step into non-transparency. Before contacting an investor or an investing company, you can check their credentials by yourself and be sure of complete transparency.

Investors Have Better Empathy

Whoever you plan to approach for selling your home, what’s the thing that you’d surely be looking for? Trust is the thing that you’ll be putting in their expertise. Real estate agents come into the field from every walk of life and with zero to little experience. On the contrary, an investor usually comes with several years of experience of handling contracts, dealing with and adjusting the buyer and seller criteria, fine-tuning them, negotiating with them and finally, closing the deals. It’s this solid experience that keeps investors a class apart from the agents.


We can easily conclude now why home sellers don’t like agents since there are a significant number of disadvantages of working with them. In contrast, a lot of benefits will come your way when you plan to sell your house directly to a real estate investor or investing company. When you sell your house to an investor, you can rest assured of the above benefits and complete peace of mind. Regardless of the situation i.e. whether you’re looking to sell your home quickly or have time in your hand, contacting an investor is your best bet. It’s the only way to close a profitable deal without wasting your time and effort and without shelling out any extra money for paying fees, commissions etc. So, seek an investor to get your house off your hands with a win-win deal.

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