Quick Checklist for a Better Home Showing

Are you in hurry of showing your home to someone who is willing to buy? Is your house looking well mannered? Is everything in your house kept at a proper place? If you are confused with all above questions & still willing to sell your house faster, then follow below given checklist which will help you to give your best while showing your house to a buyer & impressing him to close the deal..

Remove Clutter  

By putting a few efforts into making your house look mesmerizing and alluring can benefit you to a great extent. Of course, finding a starting point is not that easy as it may seem. So, consider your beginning horizon from the decluttering part. Clear the counters and take away all the unnecessary items that wouldn’t add anything to the appeal of your house. If you have extra furniture lying in your house, then you can put it in the storeroom, to facilitate more space in the important rooms of the house.

And then, don’t forget to put more attention on the garbage. The heap of smelly stuff anywhere in the house does nothing but degrade its worth. So, make sure that you clean it away.

Make it shining

Once you are done with decluttering your house, it would automatically look elegant and gracious. However, whenever you would be having a potential customer on the house inspection run, it will be great if you can make the house look bright and radiant as well.

One great idea to bring more light into the house is by cleaning screens and windows thoroughly. If there are spaces in your house with low-light, you can put bulbs with high wattage over there. Make sure you have replaced all the burnt bulbs from the house.

You can even go for a fresh coat of neutral and light color paint. Whenever there is a visitor in your house, turn on every light of the house to make it look brighter.

Minor & quick repairs

By making your house undergo minor repairs, you would ensure a positive impact on your buyers. It will automatically show that you are keeping it well and taking care of it. Whether there are leakages or torn-off paint, something which is not fixed can be a major turn-off for your buyers.

So, make sure that there are no tacky doors or dithering screens. Have a keen eye for drawers and make sure they are completely tightened. If you have sliding doors in your house, then ensure that they are on track. If your faucets are dripping, make sure that you change them or get them fixed before putting the house on showcase.

Perform a sniff test & make sure that it smells well

Cleaning up a house does not generally mean that it would smell good as well. Obviously, you must have made your house tidy and neat, but how would you make it smell amazing as well?

For that, you can clean carpets and drapes to eradicate bad odor from the house. Open windows of the house for clean air. You can even place some scented candles and air diffuser in main rooms of the house. To remove the fridge odor, follow these steps:

  • Take cotton balls
  • Dip them in either vanilla extract or orange extract
  • Keep those balls in the fridge to make it smell good

If there are pets in the house, you can use an air purifier to eliminate their bad odor.

Keep it neat, clean & comfortable

Keeping the house clean and neat is another important factor for a home showing procedure. Before starting the decoration, you would have to set the stage appropriately. Make sure that your house is completely clean to welcome guests. For that, you can:

  • Make beds
  • Vacuum floor & curtains

If you think you won’t be having enough time to clean the house appropriately, you can even outsource the cleaning help.

Keep the kitchen clean & shining

Cleanliness should be your priority. Be it your room, or your kitchen. Every corner of the house should be sparkling white. As far as your kitchen is concerned, then you can:

  • Keep your utensils wipes and clean
  • Clean light fixtures, cabinet doors, and vent fans
  • Wipe tiles, mirrors, countertops, shower doors and window sills
  • Remove stains from sinks and tubs

Also, ensure that there is no hostile smell coming from trash or garbage disposals.

Make the bath luxurious

And then, next step should be to clean the bath as well. No matter what happens, a bathroom is one of the most luxurious parts of a house. And, irrespective of the situation, make sure that it is not stinky. Otherwise, it would be a major break-off for people.

While entering the bathroom, ensure that the toiletry items are kept away and are not in the sight. Also, do the same with toothbrushes and towels. If you can, then consider putting new faucets and curtains.

Clean fingerprints and dirt from light switches, doorways, and windows. Also, make sure that the toilet seat is always closed while showing it.

Freshen Up the atmosphere

The atmosphere that feels great would attract more people. And, what are the prerequisites for having a comfortable and warm atmosphere at home? You can start with correcting the spelling mistakes. Fresh paint can help you in this context. And then, you can even get the furniture polished to make it look more beautiful. Keep the outdoors warm and comfortable. It will make your buyers feel more at home.

Pleasant Fragrance

And last but not the least, there are many things that you can do to make your house smell great. You can use subtle aromatic candles, like cinnamon or vanilla, to make the house look even more pleasant. The more inviting it would be, the more your customers will be impressed.

If you can take up some time, you can even bake some chocolate cookies for your buyers and serve whenever there is someone for the showing.

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